Why Do Pets Need Vaccinations?
Vaccinations are injections that our pets receive to protect them against harmful and deadly diseases. They help our pets build up their immunity against these diseases. If our pets encounter these diseases then they are protected against them.


Dog Vaccinations
The main disease that dogs are protected against by vaccinations are:
1) Parvovirus –the virus attacks the intestinal lining, causing severe vomiting and bloody diarrhoea and renders the immune system ineffective.
Even with treatment, dehydration, shock and death can occur.

2) Canine Distemper—the virus attacks the lungs, eyes,brain and skin. Despite treatment, death can occur.

3) Canine Infectious Hepatitis—the virus attacks the liver and causes liver failure. Severe bleeding can occur and the death rate is high.

4) Parainfluenza—this virus is part of the complex of viruses and bacteria that are responsible for ‘Kennel Cough’ which results in lung infections.

At Vet Practice, we carry a multivalent that protects against all of the above.Please call to enquire.

Cat Vaccinations
Cat vaccines protect against :
1) Cat Flu—caused by the Feline Calicivirus and Feline Herpes virus, this can result in flu-like symptoms that can occur for life.
The disease produces conjunctivitis( red eyes with eye discharge), nasal discharge, sneezing and ulcers in the mouth.

2) Parvovirus—caused by the Feline Parvovirus which attacks the intestines and immune system.Signs include inappetance, vomiting, a depressed imuune system and eventually death. The mortality for this disease is high.

3) Chlamydophilus—this bacteria causes eye infections (conjunctivitis) in cats.

At Vet Practice, we carry a multivalent cat vaccine that protects against the above viruses. Please call to enquire.


Is it really necessary to vaccinate my pet?
Many of the mentioned viruses and bacteria are shed and survive in the environment for long periods of time. Unvaccinated pets may be exposed to them and become infected. As long as there are encounters ( boarding, grooming, dog parks, dog walks, veterinary clinics, pet cafes etc) it is better to be protected against these deadly diseases.

Vaccination Protocols
The general recommendation for vaccinations are:
Puppies & Kittens below 16 weeks of age—3 vaccinations starting at 6-8 weeks of age for the first vaccine, then once every 4 weeks until the age of 16 weeks.

Puppies & kittens above 16 weeks of age —if no vaccinations were done prior to 16 weeks of age, 2 vaccinations are to be given , 4 weeks apart.

Following any of the above protocols, annual vaccinations are given yearly thereafter.
If you are unsure of what vaccination protocol your pet needs, do give the clinic a call to enquire.